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Put your marketing on autopilot with our innovative marketing platform that drives life insurance sales to you.
We provide all of the tools you need to do what you do best: Sell Insurance.

 Nearly 6 million households with children under 18 have no life insurance. 

Together, we help families get protected. We do the marketing, you close the sales.




Engaged customers buy more and demonstrate more loyalty. We provide everything you need to move customer engagement to the center of your growth strategy.


Our extensive digital platform improves profitability through selling new and additional products and services to your loyal customers and prospects near your agency.


We make it easier than ever to grow your business. Our tools help you capture the growing online marketplace and stay on top of all current, and future, industry trends.


An expertly designed Give Your Kid a Million themed website, customizable with your own color scheme, images, videos and personalized text is ready and waiting for you. The user friendly interface makes adding new content simple and fun, anytime. Your site, your look + our rock solid network= a powerful combination.

Having a website is important and making certain people can find it is our #1 priority. Your new Give Your Kid a Million website is delivered to you with complete on-page and local SEO, your business information updated and shared to online directories, such as Google My Business, Yahoo!, and Bing, plus, it's already keyword optimized, so you're already on the map from the moment you press "go." We don't just talk the talk, though. View your website's analytics 24/7 to see real-time metrics for site traffic, conversion rates and other insightful data. Once a month, a full report is delivered straight to your email. 

You probably know that social media can be a powerful tool for your business. We'll handle setting up your social media pages and branding them for the best visibility, then give you the tools to easily create and schedule new posts or find content to share, if you want more than what we're posting on your behalf. 

A social calendar, post/update analytics and content suggestions are included with your package. Each week, depending on your plan, your social networks will be updated by us with 1, 3 or 5 unique posts. 


The only thing easier than using the Internet for marketing your business, is when your marketing is completely automated. Your email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts and press releases can be set up for automatic distribution, making nurturing leads and clients something you don't even have to think about. 

Create different email sequences, write your monthly newsletter or unlimited press releases using pre-optimized templates, easily found within the dashboard. Lead data, such as name and email address, is captured automatically and saved in the built-in CRM, along with lead path tracking, lead analytics and instant notification every time a lead comes in, so you never again miss an opportunity. 


What other agency owners have to say...

Grow Your Life Insurance Business With Give Your Kid A Million.

We’re passionate about helping independent agents sell more life insurance.
Technology is best used to empower--not replace--the local agent.

We provide the tools you need to sell more life insurance.


You get an exclusive territory according to the communities you serve. You will be the sole agency representing Give Your Kid a Million in your area.

With a few quick steps, we launch your co-branded Give Your Kid a Million website, provide you with marketing materials and set you up on our automated platform.

We drive traffic to your website, set up creative email campaigns and write social media posts, sure to generate interest and create a buzz for your agency.

Continue to place and process your life insurance business exactly as you do now. If you need help, we can refer you to brokerage general agents and insurance carriers.

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I’ve always wanted to sell more life insurance, but didn’t have the time. Give Your Kid a Million has made it easy for me to begin the conversation.  I’m proud to be a part of this brand, and recommend it to anyone looking to cross-sell more.

When I first heard the name Give Your Kid a Million, I was instantly intrigued. I believe it’s an immediate conversation starter. After meeting with Mike and Nick and hearing their vision, I knew this was something my team needed to further develop the life department.

From the moment I heard it, I thought Give Your Kid a Million was a great slogan to create curiosity in a prospects mind. We have embraced the concept from the beginning and look forward to rounding out our client’s accounts with life insurance.
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