Become a Give Your Kid a Million agency partner.

Automate your digital marketing with our innovative platform that drives life insurance sales to you.
We provide the tools you need to do what you do best: Sell Insurance.

 Nearly 6 million households with children under 18 have no life insurance. 

We protect families together.  We do marketing. You close sales.




Engaged customers buy more and demonstrate more loyalty. We can help you engage your current customers so they buy life insurance from you.



High customer retention accelerates agency growth.  Let us help you sell life insurance policies to improve retention in all your insurance lines.



In a competitive insurance market, we can help you grow your business through our exclusive agency partnerships.  We provide a key piece of the marketing puzzle to attract ideal life insurance buyers.


How do you build a national brand helping agents sell more life insurance? One great agency at a time. As a Give Your Kid a Million exclusive partner, you will be the sole agency representing this brand in your area.

Combining a creative hook to get the life insurance conversation started plus engaging content and precise marketing automation, our brand is poised to become a national industry powerhouse, arming independent agents with the essentials for success.

Marketing takes an artist's eye and a scientist's brain. You need creative splash combined with the strength to realize what's working and what's not. That's why Give Your Kid a Million believes there’s strength in numbers. Too few staff members and resources limit you.

As a stand-alone agency, can you test a national marketing campaign? Do market research? Or create the online presence to analyze extensive data? Probably not, but as we build the Give Your Kid a Million network, you can depend on ideas that have been tested among the masses. Together, we can construct a marketing powerhouse for independent agencies.

Writing a blog entry, a riveting email or a gripping social media post might seem like a daunting endeavor but it’s crucial for success and for capturing and motivating your online audience.

Content development on a regular basis is not always part of what you do nor is it feasible for you to do it. We get that. So we do it for you.

Give Your Kid a Million delivers content that opens your window to the world. Let us help you with a little window dressing. You can use our compelling words and graphics to captivate and enlighten your audience.


Marketing is hard. Consistent marketing is harder. Our solution? We do it for you. That way, you can focus on what you do best -- selling insurance.

What good is content that sits on your desk? We make great content work for you by regularly creating and posting high-quality, keyword-optimized updates to your social media pages and your blog. Plus, we craft and deliver personalized, automated life insurance emails to your customers.

What other agency owners have to say...

Grow Your Life Insurance Business With Give Your Kid a Million.

We’re passionate about helping independent agents sell more life insurance.
Technology is best used to empower--not replace--the local agent.

We provide tools you need to sell more life insurance.


You get an exclusive territory according to the communities you serve. You will be the sole agency representing Give Your Kid a Million in your area.

With a few quick steps, we launch your co-branded Give Your Kid a Million website, provide you with marketing materials and set you up on our automated platform.

We drive traffic to your website, set up creative email campaigns and write social media posts, sure to generate interest and create a buzz for your agency.

Continue to place and process your life insurance business exactly as you do now. If you need help, we can refer you to brokerage general agents and insurance carriers.

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I’ve always wanted to sell more life insurance, but didn’t have the time. Give Your Kid a Million has made it easy for me to begin the conversation.  I’m proud to be a part of this brand, and recommend it to anyone looking to cross-sell more.

When I first heard the name Give Your Kid a Million, I was instantly intrigued. I believe it’s an immediate conversation starter. After meeting with Mike and Nick and hearing their vision, I knew this was something my team needed to further develop the life department.

From the moment I heard it, I thought Give Your Kid a Million was a great slogan to create curiosity in a prospects mind. We have embraced the concept from the beginning and look forward to rounding out our client’s accounts with life insurance.
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