10 Fun Activities for Your Child's Birthday Party

10 Fun Activities for Your Child's Birthday Party

Is your child's birthday coming up? Then you may be stressing about putting something special together for them.

But you shouldn't sweat it. In this article, we'll give you 10 fun birthday ideas for kids so you have some inspiration.

1. Balloon Volleyball

Have the kids blow up some colorful balloons and even draw designs on them to make some unique balloons. Then, have them play volleyball by drawing a line in the middle of the room with tape. Popped balloons mean automatic disqualification!

2. Scavenger Hunt

Send your child on a fun scavenger hunt that leads back into the house for cake! This can be great for their problem-solving skills and gives them some physical activity too.

3. Day at the Arcade

Many arcades have birthday packages, so it can ease your burden if you just purchase one of those and host the party away from your home. Plus, your kids will get to play video games they don't own at home!

4. Video Game Stations

Can't make it to the arcade? Or maybe you just feel more comfortable having the party at home. In this case, set up some video game stations with the consoles you already own so the children can play their favorite games.

5. Dance Party

Have a little "dance floor" in your living room where the kids can put on some feather boas and cute sunglasses to become little divas. Load up your iPod with their favorite tunes to keep the party going all night long!

6. Karaoke

Buy a singalong DVD and pop it into your TV. Then, set up a microphone stand so each child can take center stage. The kids can take turns singing hits from Disney and cheering one another on.

7. Children's Entertainers

If your kids are young enough to believe in cartoon characters, surprise them with a children's entertainer dressed in a Spiderman or Pikachu costume. All the kids will be super excited!

8. Fort Building

For a sleepover party, this is ideal. The children can build forts during the birthday party, and when they've exhausted themselves, they can spend the night in their custom fort.

9. Board Games

Although digital is the future, many children and young adults still enjoy old school board games. Dig yours out from the closet or borrow some from your family and friends for a long night of entertainment.

10. Relay Races

If the weather's nice, have some relay races in the backyard. Variations include the 3-legged race, egg in spoon relay race, and balloon race.

Birthday Ideas for Kids

Birthday ideas for kids are very flexible, so even if you don't use our ideas, there's still plenty of good activities to pick. Just remember that your children love you and can tell when you've put effort into celebrating their special day. So don't sweat it too much!

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10 Fun Activities for Your Child's Birthday Party