11 Fun Activities for Kids this Summer

11 Fun Activities for Kids this Summer

11 Fun Activities for Kids this Summer

Your kids are ready to have fun as the weather gets warm. Here are the top 11 fun activities for kids this summer.

Summer is in full swing which means school is out of session and all kids want to do is play and have fun. Summer is the essence of what childhood memories are built on. It is also the best time for your kids to turn your front or backyard into canvases for their imagination.

As a parent, you can enhance your kid’s experience with fun activities for kids. The real challenge is coming up with a list of activities for kids.

Looking for summer camp ideas and activities to do with kids?

Here are 11 fun activities for kids this summer.

1. Backyard Camping

One of the best and most fun activities for kids is backyard camping. This is the best option if you have kids too small to go camping at a park or campsite. Activities you can do include stargazing, telling stories and making smores.

Remember, it is important to ensure the safety of your children.

2. Bike Rides

Summer is the best time to take your kids out for a bike ride. You can start at the park and even take them on a bike trail if they are older. Doing so ensures the whole family gets to workout which eliminates risks of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

3. Play Water Balloon Baseball

You can play water balloon baseball with your kids in your backyard or at the park. All you need is a baseball bat and pre-filled water balloons. Place the water balloons in a plastic tub and enjoy the game.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Collect unique items that you can use for your scavenger hunt. For instance, you can collect different colored pebbles, leaves, and flowers. Position them around the backyard and start your scavenger hunt.

Don’t forget to have a reward system for the winners.

5. Fly a kite

Flying a kite is a fun way for you and the kids to spend a summer afternoon. You can start the day by making your own kites. There are hundreds of designs available online which you and the kids can model after.

6. Try Kids Science Experiments

Although school is out during summer, learning never stops. There are several science experiments you can try at home. You can make a parachute, make quicksand, vinegar volcano or make glowing water.

7. Make a Fort

On a summer afternoon, make a fort indoors by pushing your couches close together. Drape blankets over the couches and start playing. You can tell stories, play board games or eat snacks.

8. Play Hide and Seek

Relieve your childhood days by playing hide and seek with your kids. To make it interesting, black out the windows and turn off any overhead lights. To ensure everyone is safe, prep the areas and remove any obstacles.

9. Bakes Cookies and Cakes

This is another learning moment for your kids. They can learn how to make cookies and cakes. Not only that. They will also learn how to measure and follow the recipe.

10. Paint Seashells

Crafting with seashells is one of the fun activities for kids. You and your kids can paint, string and stack the colored seashells.

11. Hit the Beach

Summer is not fun without spending time at the beach. At the beach, you can build sandcastles, play soccer, or treasure hunt. You can also play tic tac toe or relay race.

More Fun Activities for Kids

There are more fun activities for kids to do this summer. You can go to the movies, go hiking, go berry picking, blow bubbles, make a YouTube video and plant flowers or vegetables. Engaging in all these activities and more improves bonding and ensures you all have fun.

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11 Fun Activities for Kids this Summer