4 Fun Thanksgiving Activities that Will Your Kids Busy While You Cook

4 Fun Thanksgiving Activities that Will Your Kids Busy While You're in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving is a beloved American holiday. In fact, 95 percent of families gather around the dining table every year to celebrate it!

The least fun part about Thanksgiving is all the prep work that goes into it. And if you have kids, the prep work takes even longer. Kids love to help, but sometimes it's not safe for them in the kitchen.

That's why you need a secret weapon: thanksgiving activities. Giving your kids some fun activities keeps them occupied while you get everything ready for the upcoming feast. And as a bonus, a lot of activities double as adorable decoration!

We've gathered up four of the best Thanksgiving activities for kids that are sure to give you a break!

1. Create Thanksgiving Placemats

Instead of going for fancy placemats to put around the table, why not set your kiddos to them? The results will be unique conversation starters once Thanksgiving dinner begins. Plus, it's a fun activity to keep them busy for a while.

If you'd like a uniform look to the placemats, print out some as coloring pages. This gives the kids a guideline to follow while still allowing for their own creative input.

2. Decorate Holiday Gourds

Gourds are a traditional autumn item that works well as a bit of decoration. It's possible to find them in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Let the kids pick out their favorites to decorate.

Turn the gourds into turkeys or add on Thanksgiving-themed stickers. Once they're done, the gourds look wonderful sitting around the house bringing holiday cheer.

This kind of activity also works well with other autumnal items such as pine cones or acorns.

3. Paint Gratitude Rocks

Thanksgiving is all about finding ways to be thankful in your life, and it's never too early to begin that mindset. Have your kiddos write down a single word or phrase on the rock with acrylic paint that explains what they're thankful for.

Then, they decorate the rest of the rock! It's a reflective activity that gets to the heart of what Thanksgiving is all about.

4. Play Thanksgiving Bingo

Come up with some key Thanksgiving words and make up a bingo card. Have your kids help with the word creation as well as the creation of the card.

Then, set them up at a table and call off the different words while you work in the kitchen. It's a great idea to use candy pieces to mark off the squares so that the kids have the treats as a reward.

This could also be a good way to remind yourself of everything you need to finish for Thanksgiving dinner. Add those tasks as words on the bingo board!

Thanksgiving Activities Are Best Enjoyed As a Family

When too many kids underfoot become a kitchen hazard, bring out some of these Thanksgiving activities to give them something else to do. But don't forget to enjoy a bit of the fun yourself!

Even with a lot of prep work to do, it's a great idea to get in on the activities alongside your kids. Decorate a gourd or paint a rock before going back to working on your turkey. After all, what's Thanksgiving without family interaction?

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4 Fun Thanksgiving Activities that Will Your Kids Busy While You Cook