4 Tips to Help you Get Through the 'Terrible Twos'

4 Tips to Help you Get Through the 'Terrible Twos'

4 Tips to Help you Get Through the 'Terrible Twos'

You don't have to be a parent to be familiar with the terrible twos and what they bring out of a toddler. This stage in a toddler's life is so horrific that it's been given its own name and is well-known by just about anyone. But would you believe us if we told you that it didn't have to be all that bad?

There are a couple of ways to help you get through the terrible twos, and if you follow through with them, then this stage in your little one's life might not be all that horrific. It's important to first know that this is a time of learning for your toddler and he or she is relying on you to teach them. Ready to learn how you can manage your toddler's terrible twos?

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1. Stay Calm During a Temper Tantrum

We know this is easier said than done because a screaming toddler can really bring out the worst in you, but if you learn to stay calm during a temper tantrum, it's a great lesson for everyone. When you see your little one throwing a fit, calmly walk away and begin doing something interesting nearby. Think about his or her favorite toy or thing to do.

You might consider bringing out a coloring book and begin coloring. As you do this, narrate what you're doing out loud so that he or she can hear you. There's a good chance that he or she will come over to see what you're doing and want to do it as well.

2. Let Your Little One Know the Plans

Your little one has things in mind that he or she wants to do, but doesn't know how to express them just yet. The best way to reduce the number of temper tantrums is to let your little one know the plans for the day and for specific events. Before leaving a park, let them know that the plans are to leave soon and give them more reminders before it's the actual time to leave.

After multiple times of doing this, they'll understand it and know what to expect.

3. Enforce Consistency All Around

If you have certain routines at home whether it be for meal times and nap times or disciplinary actions that are taken, be sure to enforce this consistency all around. Make sure that you're sticking to these routines and that anyone babysitting your little one sticks to the routines as well. Consistency is definitely key in keeping tantrums at a low.

4. Don't Dismiss Your Little One's Nap Time

Life gets busy, and it's understandable. But don't let a busy schedule keep you from giving your little one the nap time that they need and deserve. He or she has had a busy day too and if nap time is skipped, this can create some big tantrums.

Be sure to plan errands, doctor appointments, and anything else around your little one's nap time. Giving him or her the rest that they need is a great way to keep them happy!

Taking Charge of the Terrible Twos

Don't let the terrible twos run your life. Take charge by following these 4 tips and tricks! Stay calm, know and explain the plan, enforce consistency, and never skip nap time.

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4 Tips to Help you Get Through the 'Terrible Twos'