5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween Besides Trick or Treating

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween Besides Trick or Treating

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween Besides Trick or Treating

Had enough of trick-or-treating? You're not alone. Walking from door-to-door for miles (an hour after bedtime, no less) is a struggle for many families.

Some kids are too young to walk or to enjoy the sweet candy rewards. Others are handicapped or don't live near a safe neighborhood. And some are just cranky whiners!

But, for these families, we have good news. There's more than one way to celebrate Halloween. And we've got some really good ones to share with you right now.

Best of all, you don't have to give up trick-or-treating to enjoy these fun Halloween alternatives. They just add to your options of what to do on Halloween night.

This year give your feet a rest and try these alternative ways to celebrate Halloween.

1. Host a Halloween Party

Invite your neighbors, friends, family, and get your Monster Mash on! This works best if you can get the other parents to chip in, as in a block party.

Guests can choose Halloween-themed snacks, games, or decorations to bring from a list you've made. Close friends can help you set up a haunted house for the little ones. The little ones themselves can put up the cobwebs and decorate Halloween cookies.

If block-party-style isn't an option, plan it just like you would a birthday party. You can even host it at a local business, like a bowling alley or skating rink. It's possible they're hosting Halloween events of their own already.

Afterward, all guests who so desire can go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood together.

2. Make Your Home the Neighborhood Haunted House

Alternatively, instead of a party, a haunted house can be your main attraction. Friends and family can join you to build a massively creative haunted house project that will keep you busy all month.

Set up strobe lights and spooky-colored bulbs. Set up decorations, moving props, and a scary soundtrack. Get some volunteers for tour guides and costumed actors.

It's up to you how elaborate you get. You can make a top-quality haunted house and post ads in the local paper. Or it can just be some low-key family fun for the kids in your neighborhood.

Either way, you can request donations. If your kids skip trick-or-treating to help you out, use the money to buy them candy!

3. Trunk-or-Treat

Make trick-or-treating easier for everyone. Get your neighborhood to participate in a trunk-or-treat at your place.

Say goodbye to long hikes through the neighborhood. All your neighbors will park in your driveway (or chosen location) with their trunks full of candy for trunk-or-treaters. Your kids get all the costumed candy-grabbing they want in one well-chaperoned location.

4. Spooky Backyard Treasure Hunt

Another convenient twist on the holiday is the spooky backyard treasure hunt. Just like an Easter egg hunt, treats and prizes are cleverly hidden throughout the yard in festive containers (skulls, pumpkins, etc.).

This can yield as much candy as trick or treating, and it only takes up a few minutes. Your family can then spend the rest of the night doing other fun activities.

This works as a family-only event or you can include the neighborhood.

5. Spooky Movie Marathon

This is a good option for families who have to stay inside because of illness or weather. Family members each choose their favorite spooky movies and add them to the list. Then, you all spend your whole Halloween day and night watching them.

Be sure to stock up on candy, popcorn, and Halloween-themed snacks!

Enjoy These New Ways to Celebrate Halloween

This year, celebrate Halloween a new way. Try these fun trick-or-treating alternatives with your family.

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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween Besides Trick or Treating