5 Must-Do Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

5 Must-Do Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

5 Must-Do Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Winter is fast approaching. Do you have a plan for your kids to stay active this coming season?

Though it's the season of holidays and snowdays, kids tend to get stuck in the rut of playing video games instead of spending time outside.

Since studies show that too much screentime can harm kids' health, why not make sure that your little ones are engaged in some good old-fashioned winter fun? Here are five outdoor winter activities to inspire your family this year.

1. Classic Outdoor Winter Activities: Go Sledding

Sure, you can think of new ways to keep your kids entertained in the snow. But sledding never went out of style, and for good reason.

A sled is all you need for this activity. If money is tight, you can always get creative and build a wooden sled from scratch.

Then, scope out the biggest hill in your neighborhood. Once the first snow of the season hits the ground, it's time for some downhill fun.

This activity is perfect for the whole family. If you have a toddler, he or she can sled with an older sibling. Even your dog can join in on the fun. For instance, your family can pretend that he's Balto, the hero sled dog.

2. Snowman Target Practice

While snowball fights are fun, they're a bit cliche. Why not combine two winter favorites into one fun new activity: Snowball target practice.

First, the kids can build a snowman. Add some food coloring to the snowman to make him more visible.

Then, the whole family can take turns throwing a hat or a Frisbee at the colorful snowman. The trick is to hit the snowman without destroying any part of him.

3. Wintertime Scavenger Hunt

If your child has a winter birthday, it's not easy to come up with a fun party theme.

Forget about entertaining a crowd of kids indoors. Organize a winter scavenger hunt as one of the party activities instead.

First, choose some fun, brightly colored treasures to hide in your yard. Then, give the kids a list of clues and send them out to find the treasures buried in the snow.

To add to the fun, each kid can keep the treasure they find. Otherwise, you can give out winter-themed prizes to each winner.

4. Snow Tag

Do your kids miss playing tag during winter?

There's no need to wait until the snow clears up. Organize a game of snow tag instead.

Snow tag is twice as challenging as the traditional version. Another bonus is that you can enjoy looking at the footprints made in the snow.

5. Build A Snow Fort

Do your kids need an activity that takes up an entire afternoon? If so, help them build a snow fort.

You don't need any special tools to make a sturdy snow structure. Your building skills and some great instructions are all that's necessary to create an outdoor winter haven for everyone. Once your fort is ready, it'll provide hours of fun for days to come.

Ready For Winter?

Now that you've planned your family's outdoor winter activities, you don't have to dwell on how to spend those snow days. For more tips on how to make great memories with your kids, visit our blog regularly.

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5 Must-Do Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids