5 Tips on How to Be a Good Sports Parent

Child Joining a Sport? 5 Tips for Being an Outstanding Sports Parent

Child Joining a Sport? 5 Tips for Being an Outstanding Sports Parent

It's hard to imagine not enrolling your child in a sport these days. It's estimated that three out of every four school-aged children in the U.S. play at least one organized sport. That's about 45 million kids in total, and countless parents on the sidelines.

You've likely seen the news stories and op-eds written about nightmare sports parents. These are the parents known for the negative way they treat coaches, other children on the teams, or their own kids. To avoid becoming one of those parents, read on for five tips on how to be a good sports parent.

1. Make Sure Your Child Plays Sports for the Right Reasons

We've all heard the stories of talented young athletes who quit because they're unhappy and feel unfulfilled. You can help ensure your child is happy playing a sport by making sure they see it as just one of many fun activities they get to enjoy. Make sure your child is confident in their abilities, and use gentle encouragement to support them in their own quest for improvement.

2. Establish Healthy Boundaries for Competitiveness

It seems the driving force behind the stereotypical nightmare sports parent is competitiveness. There's a fine line between healthy competition and competition that causes stress and feelings of failure. Set your child up for happiness and success by setting realistic expectations about competition and sport.

3. Practice How to be a Good Sports Parents by Modeling Positive Behavior

Like setting healthy expectations around competition, modeling positive behavior for your child is a great practice for good sports parents. This means not sharing negative thoughts about coaches, other teams, or other teammates. You want to show your child how to be a team player that other children want to play with and that coaches enjoy working with.

4. Offer Advice with Caution

If you're wanting to learn how to be a good sports parent, you probably already know to avoid coaching your child from the sidelines. If you want to offer your child tips on their skill or strategy, do that at home. But be cautious about when and how you present your advice, as you don't want to put pressure on your child or make them feel incapable of succeeding on their own.

5. Encourage Playing Sports as Part of a Well-Balanced Life

Unless your child is training for the Olympics, their sport shouldn't be the sole focus of their daily life. Make sure they focus on academics, make time for friends, and are able to spend time with family. This is part of teaching your child the importance of leading a well-balanced life that keeps them happy and healthy.

Being the Best Parent Possible Goes Beyond Sports

Knowing how to be a good sports parent is just a small part of being the best parent possible to your children. You can find more parenting advice on our blog, including the best pool safety tips and guidance on summer school. For help with the most serious parts of parenting, like finding life insurance, contact us today.

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5 Tips on How to Be a Good Sports Parent