5 Tips to Boost Your Child's Confidence

5 Tips to Boost Your Child's Confidence

5 Tips to Boost Your Child's Confidence

Some children are supremely confident, waltzing through life without insecurity. Unfortunately, this doesn't describe most children. The vast majority of kids have at least a few insecurities which hold them back from being the best they can be; In other words, they lack confidence.

Do you have a child who's lacking in self-esteem? Wondering how to build a child's confidence? There are ways to do so, 7 of which will be reviewed below.

How to Build a Child's Confidence

Building a child's confidence isn't always the easiest of tasks. However, by following the tips below, you stand a good chance at doing so.

1. Praise Good Deeds

Like all human beings, kids need reassurance. They want to know that they're doing things the right way and they want to be praised when they've done a good job. As a parent, it's your responsibility to provide this reassurance to your child.

By praising your child's good deeds and accomplishments on a regular basis, you not only show him or her that they are positive, but you also fill him or her with the confidence needed to do them again.

2. Set Reachable Goals

Nothing will destroy a child's confidence faster than having that child strive for an unreachable goal. Unrealistic goals are toxic for kids' minds because, when they're not reached, kids begin to think of themselves as failures.

The better solution is to help your child establish smaller, more reachable goals. This way, your child will meet goals more often, and be encouraged to pursue more of them in the future.

3. Be Your Best Self

Kids model themselves after their parents. If their parents demonstrate a lack of confidence in themselves, they are bound to demonstrate a lack of confidence as well.

While it can be difficult, you have to push through strife. You have to develop healthy coping mechanisms which allow you to succeed in difficult situations. Your child will absorb your behavior and will take it on as his or her own.

4. Establish an Environment of Independence

While it's not true of all kids, some kids develop low self-esteem due to a dependence on their parents. Because they aren't allowed or are unable to complete tasks on their own, they lack the confidence to complete those tasks when they present themselves.

It is your job to establish an environment of independence with your children. The more you push them to try things on their own, the more they'll get used to doing them, and the more confident they'll become.

5. Utilize Controlled Discipline

Kids thrive on discipline, but it has to be the right kind of discipline. Screaming, snapping, and coming unhinged at a moment's notice isn't healthy for anyone, especially children who are learning and growing. In fact, that type of behavior from parents is one of the primary causes of low self-esteem in children.

If your kids do something wrong, do your best to correct them in a firm, but measured tone. Explain why what they're doing is wrong; Don't just tell them that it's wrong. Speak with them, not at them.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Child's Confidence