6 Extra Special Ways to Include your Kids in your Wedding

6 Extra Special Ways to Include your Kids in your Wedding

A wedding is such an exciting time, especially when there are children involved. Not only are you becoming one with the love of your life, but you're becoming a united family with the little loves of your life as well. Although it's easy to become wrapped up in the business of wedding planning and preparation, it's important to remember to include your children as well.

Not including them in the process can lead to them feeling left out. Luckily, there are many ways to include kids in weddings! Continue reading to learn more.

1. Let Them in on the Surprise

If you're the one planning on proposing, then let them in on the surprise. Fill them in on what you're planning on doing, and if they're your soon-to-be spouse's kids, then ask them for their approval. They might even have some good ideas for the execution of the proposal.

2. Take Them to Taste Test the Cake

Everyone knows that the best part about planning a wedding is tasting the cakes! Think about how much fun your children would have tasting all of the different flavors. But don't just take them to eat cake, listen to their opinions and take them into consideration when choosing.

3. Have Them Help with the Menu

Planning the menu is another fun thing to allow the kids to take part in. Go with all of your favorite fancy meals that you must have at your wedding, but also allow your children to pick out a few items to place on the menu. This way, you know that there will be something they like, and they'll be excited knowing they chose it.

4. Let Them Choose Some Songs

A dance party isn't a party if your children can't hop in on the fun. Do be sure to add in all of the touching wedding songs that you can't go without. But, also remember to include some of your children's favorites on the playlist as well.

This will get them out of their seats and on the dance floor in no time!

5. Have Them Make DIY Decorations

Nothing makes a wedding more personal than allowing your children to create some DIY decorations. Centerpieces for the tables are a quick DIY project that the kids will enjoy. Anything that their little hands can put together, let them.

For example, have them design the invitations and help mail them out with you or create fun invitations on social media. It'll make your wedding day that more special.

6. Go Wedding Outfit Shopping Together

When you're ready to start shopping for your tux or dress, or whatever wedding attire you need, consider taking your kids with you. Shop together for the perfect wedding outfit. You'll appreciate their blunt honesty and bonding time.

Kids in Weddings is Exciting and Special!

Including kids in weddings is a great way to ensure that they feel like they are part of the family. This makes this special day about the family as a whole and not just the parents getting married. For more fun ideas for parents, be sure to keep checking in with us!

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6 Extra Special Ways to Include your Kids in your Wedding