8 Perfect Online Education Resources for Kids



The World is changing. Since the pandemic hit, we have been forced to adapt in new ways. From masking up to social distancing, one of the biggest changes is online education from the home.

To learn what the 8 best online education resources are for your kids, keep reading.

1. Go Noodle

The best place to start your kids' day is exercise. Our minds function much better after exercise. Kids need exercise as much as adults do.

While it comes naturally to those with high energy, others need some help in this department. This is where Go Noodle comes into play.

Providing short bursts of 5 to 10-minute exercises, Go Noodle aims to educate with the body.

2. YouTube

An oldie but a goodie. YouTube continues to be a go-to for education. Whatever the interest of your child may be, YouTube will definitely have it. This is especially useful for visual learners.

3. Kahn

Not only for adults, Kahn Academy offers an abundance of education. Topics span to meet your child's interests and desires. Whatever they are passionate about, they will have no trouble discovering with Kahn.

4. Lunch Doodles with Mo

Does your child love to draw? Having an activity such as illustration can get the young mind to work in new and interesting ways.

Lunch Doodles with Mo is a wonderful way to integrate art into your kids' day. New videos are posted every day where you join lead illustrator, Mo Willems in his studio to draw.

5. PenPal Schools

Do you remember writing to Pen Pals when you were in school? The World right now is a vulnerable space. We need more connection, love, and togetherness.

With PenPal Schools, your kid will learn from another child halfway across the World. New cultures, lifestyles, and food are amongst the many beautiful things to emerge.

Not to mention they'll make a new friend!

6. Zearn Math

Zearn is a great way to make math an enjoyable experience for your child. The site has animations, tutorials, and tons of lessons.

The lessons are all "go at your own pace". This provides a comfortable learning environment.

7. Libby

Just because libraries may be closed, doesn't mean the mind has to be. With Libby, we have access to thousands of e-books right from the comfort of our own homes.

The app connects to your local library so your child can check out their favorite e-books.

8. Reading Eggs

If your child needs motivation and guidance with reading—then Reading Eggs is your answer. Your kid will love the games, animations, and rewards. Reading is a lifelong skill that is well worth diving into early!

Education Never Shuts Down

Education is such an everyday and lifelong journey. While we may have to adapt to new and unpredictable circumstances, there are always tools at our disposal.

While we are at home for the majority of time for the foreseeable future, education doesn't need to stop.

We encourage you to spend time reading our blog. You won't want to miss out!


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8 Perfect Online Education Resources for Kids