A Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving When Your Child is a Picky Eater


A Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving When Your Child is a Picky Eater

Do you have a picky eater at home? Up to one in five children are actually picky eaters.

When Thanksgiving is just around the corner, your little picky eater can cause even more worries than normal.

Preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner is enough to think about as it is. But, there are ways to overcome the holiday season for you and your picky eater child.

Do you want to discover our tips for preparing Thanksgiving food for kids with picky eating habits? Check it out below!

1. Include Food That You Kid Loves

You don't have to give your child a plate of food which they totally refuse to touch. Make sure there are some foods that your kid definitely enjoys eating. 

Do they love to eat mashed potatoes? Will they happily get stuck into a turkey breast? Whatever it is, this allows you to ensure your kid eats something for Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Talk About the Thanksgiving Meal

You don't have to plan everything for Thanksgiving by yourself. You can talk to your picky eating child before you go ahead with your recipes. 

Encourage your kids to make suggestions for the dishes. Ask questions, such as "which vegetables should we include?" and "what should we have for dessert?"

This helps to engage them with food, recipes, and dishes. They're more likely to eat the Thanksgiving meal if they have chosen it with you.

3. Help Your Kid Eat a Variety of Food 

If you want to get your kid to eat something, you need to encourage them to try new things. This is when you connect the food they like to food they don't like to eat.

For example, if you picky eater hates broccoli. Try to discover any green veggies that they enjoy eating. This will help them to see that broccoli isn't so bad.

There are always foods that either taste or look similar. Use this to your advantage to broaden the variety of foods your kid will eat.

4. Make a Delicious Meal

Even picky eaters can be convinced by amazing smelling and delicious looking dishes. Simply improving your culinary skills can help to encourage your kid to eat more types of food.

Add plenty of tasty herbs and spices to improve the scent of the dish. Your child won't be able to resist a bite.

5. Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

If you have included foods that your child definitely enjoys eating, talked to them about the meal and cooked a delicious meal, you've done your bit.

You don't want your picky eating child to ruin your Thanksgiving. It's a celebration of gratitude - that shouldn't be forgotten.

Thanksgiving Food for Kids

Preparing Thanksgiving food for kids who don't like to eat vegetables is frustrating. But, by following our tips, you can make sure you create a beautiful Thanksgiving meal for the whole family to enjoy together.

Every parent has a different style of parenting. Check out your style of parenting in our blog post here.


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A Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving When Your Child is a Picky Eater