Can You Be Approved for Life Insurance When You Are Pregnant?

Life insurance is typically purchased in order to ensure that loved ones and survivors won't have to face financial hardship in case of the unexpected. When an applicant has certain health issues, though, qualifying for the needed coverage may not necessarily always be easy. This could be the case when a woman is pregnant.

When expecting a newborn, there are many areas in which you must prepare. So, as you plan ahead for your life with your new child, it is also important to make certain that all of the financial pieces are in place. One of the key tools to consider is life insurance protection.

Can You Purchase Life Insurance While Pregnant?

In most instances, purchasing life insurance while you are pregnant is not difficult - at least during the first two trimesters - as long as there are no serious complications with the pregnancy, and if the applicant for coverage is otherwise in good health.

For example, some conditions like hypertension / high blood pressure may cause the insurance company's underwriters to take a closer look at the applicant as she goes through the approval process. The insurance company may also want to know more about your health if you have had a prior c-section and / or if you have contracted gestational diabetes.

Qualifying for Life Insurance Coverage If You Have Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition that can develop when a woman is pregnant. As with other forms of diabetes, gestational diabetes can have an effect on how the body's cells use glucose, in turn, causing high blood sugar and potentially impacting both the pregnancy and the health of the baby.

There are ways that gestational diabetes may be controlled, though - even without taking medication. For example, doing light to moderate exercise, as well as sticking with a healthy diet, can oftentimes be helpful.

If you have gestational diabetes and you are applying for life insurance, it is likely that you will need to provide additional health-related information to the insurance company - as well as the name(s) of any medication that you are taking - so that the company can obtain a clearer picture of your overall health.

How to Find the Best Life Insurance Coverage and Rates While You're Expecting

As you prepare financially for your new child, finding the right type and amount of life insurance is essential. But how can you make sure that you are getting the proper protection and the best possible premium rate?

One way is to work with an independent insurance agent or broker. Going this route will allow you to review and compare policies and premiums from numerous top rated companies all in one convenient place.

In addition, if you have any health related issues, an independent insurance professional can also help you to find viable coverage, as well as assist you with any of the necessary paperwork that is required. This can make it much easier and convenient to choose the option that is right for you.

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Can You Be Approved for Life Insurance When You Are Pregnant?