Having a Second Child With a Toddler? How to Help Your Firstborn Adapt

Having a Second Child With a Toddler? 3 Tips for Helping Your Firstborn Adjust

Having a Second Child With a Toddler? How to Help Your Firstborn Adapt

Having a second child with a toddler can be a bit challenging. Learn how to help your firstborn adjust with our five essential tips.

Ask any parent who is expecting their second child and they'll probably tell you they're worried about the impact on their firstborn. Wondering how to love two children and how to take care of them is a common (albeit sometimes an illogical one) worry of expecting parents the second time around. 

But, ask any parent who has two more or kids and they'll tell you that there is plenty of love to go around and that you'll figure it out. If you're struggling thinking about bringing baby number two home, here are 5 tips to survive having a second child with a toddler. 

1. Spend One-on-One Time With Your Firstborn 

Newborns require a lot of time and attention and it's easy to constantly put your first child second because they don't need as much attention and are a bit more self-sufficient. While you obviously can't neglect your newborn, be sure to make a point to spend one-on-one time with your firstborn. 

Set a time to go do something special with them, create a special routine just for the two of you at night, or ask someone else to feed the baby, put them to bed, or give them a bath so you can have some time with just you and your toddler. 

2. Give Them A Job

Giving your toddler a job to help with the baby can give them a sense of purpose and an ego boost. Ask them to keep an eye on the baby while you go to the bathroom (of course, make sure your newborn is safe and you trust the toddler with them), have them bring you diapers during diaper changes, or ask them to help you read a story to the baby. 

While it might make things a bit harder for you and take a little longer, letting them know their importance as a big sibling is important to keep them from resenting the baby. 

3. Stick to the Routine

Routines often go out the window when new babies come home. Everyone's trying to remember how to take care of a newborn, up all hours of the night, and it's easy to let things slip. Try to avoid this, especially if you had a strong routine before baby.

Toddlers thrive on routine and their life is changing enough with the new sibling. If you can keep the same routine, such as going to preschool or daycare or keeping the same bedtime routine, it minimizes the turmoil in their life. 

How to Survive Having a Second Child With a Toddler

Whether you have one child, two children or five children, parenting is never easy, but it is always worth it, especially once you figure it all out! Use these tips on how to survive having a second child with a toddler to make it through the tough first few months of two kids. 

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Having a Second Child With a Toddler? How to Help Your Firstborn Adapt