Helmets On! 5 Critical Tips for Teaching Bike Safety for Kids

Helmets On! 5 Critical Tips for Teaching Bike Safety for Kids

Helmets On! 5 Critical Tips for Teaching Bike Safety for Kids

Every child waits in excitement for the day when they finally learn to ride a bike. It takes a lot of time and dedication from the child, but it also takes a lot of time and patience from the parents as well. The learning process sometimes takes multiple tries and multiple days for a child to finally pick up on it.

But just like when learning to swim, not following the proper safety tips while teaching your child to ride a bike can result in a negative experience. You want to make this the most positive and wonderful experience possible, so it's important to know how to teach bike safety for kids. Once they understand how to keep safe, everyone has peace of mind.

Continue reading below to learn 5 bike safety for kids tips!

1. Wear a Sturdy Bike Helmet

One of the most important steps in teaching bike safety to your child is to ensure they wear a helmet each time they ride their bike. If you cave and let them ride just one time without it, they'll think it's okay to not wear one in the future. You don't only want to ensure that they wear one every time they get on a bike, you also want to ensure they understand why.

Teach them the importance of wearing a helmet and explain to them the dangers of not wearing one. Make sure the helmet fits correctly and follows the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards.

2. Wear Bright Colors and Use Lights

Wearing bright clothes and using reflectors and lights on your child's bike is a great way to keep other people around him or her aware that he or she is there. Doing so reduces the risk of being hit by a car or another person on a bike, scooter, or other small motorized vehicles. You'll also want to check your child's clothing for any chances of being snagged in the bike chain.

Loose clothing and untied shoelaces are the most popular culprit of this. Backpack straps also have a good chance of getting caught up in the bike's chains. Make sure to teach your child to wear appropriate clothing, tie his or her shoes, and tie up backpack straps before riding.

3. Never Chase Anything into Streets

It might seem obvious, but it's critical that you teach your child not to chase anything into the street. You've taught them not to ride in the street, especially busy ones, and to stay on the sidewalk, but your child might not think about these rules if something of his or hers ends up in the road. These items could be a toy rolling off into the street, a dog running into the street or someone he or she knows walking down the street.

Teach him or her why they should never chase anything into the streets and to grab your attention instead. Explain why this is necessary and it'll keep him or her from doing it.

4. Use an Appropriate-Sized Bike

For your child to be as safe as possible, it's important that the bike he or she is using is the appropriate size. If a child is using a bike that is too big or even too small, he or she won't have the full capabilities of controlling the bike as he or she should. You want to ensure that your child has the capability of using every part of the bike in a safe way.

Do so by ensuring the child fits the bike correctly. Make adjustments each time he or she gets on the bike if necessary.

5. Teach and Model Safe Behavior

The last time on our list is to teach and model safe behavior. Our children mimic what they see us do. If you model safe behavior, they'll follow suit. If your child notices you getting on the bike without a helmet, then he or she will think that's acceptable for them to do as well.

Show them what safe bike riding looks like while you're teaching it and he or she will learn much faster.

Know These Tips on Bike Safety For Kids!

When your child is ready to start learning how to ride a bike, know these tips on bike safety for kids. It'll keep your child safe, and it'll give you peace of mind knowing that he or she knows what to do to remain safe.

Interested in learning more tips for parents? Keep checking back with us regularly for post on Halloween safety and more!

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Helmets On! 5 Critical Tips for Teaching Bike Safety for Kids