Home Education Resources: How to Keep Kids Learning in Quarantine

Home Education Resources: How to Keep Kids Learning in Quarantine

Almost two million kids were homeschooled in the U.S. in 2019. This number has continued to rise over the years. 

It shows how popular homeschooling is for kids. 

With COVID-19 erupting everywhere, more kids are learning at home. They are learning what it's like to be homeschooled even if it's temporary. 

Kids are learning during the quarantine. For parents who are also working at home, it can be a struggle to take on the role of teacher at home. 

If you want to help your kids learn during quarantine, here are some of the best home education resources. 

Technology Can Be a Great Learning Tool

Technology is always improving the way students learn, especially for kids who are homeschooled

When kids learn on an Ipad or a computer, they are learning how to use this technology. They are learning how to type and find information. 

Kids are also learning from these programs such as Khan Academy or ABC Mouse. These programs are great educational resources to help your kids learn at home. 

Create a Structure and Schedule

Kids thrive from a structure and knowing what to do for the rest of the day. 

When you have a set schedule at home with activities lined up throughout the day, kids will have an expectation of what to do. That could mean have 20-minute blocks for kids to rotate through activities. 

Read Books

Reading can be done anywhere, especially at home. If you want to give your kids a break from screen time, you should encourage reading. 

It's a resource that's always available to you, especially if you have lots of books around the home. The more kids read, the more they will learn and grow smarter

Do Outdoor Activities

Since kids won't have formal physical education time by being in a public school, it' a great opportunity to create some outside activity at home 

You can have the kids learn about core muscles and how specific exercises help strengthen their core muscles. Another activity you can do outside is going on walks.

It's a great way to observe nature and exercise. Kids can also bring a notebook and document the trees and the bugs they see. 

Here's some more information on what to do inside that can help give you some inspirational ideas

Why It's Important to Have a Structure and Home Education Resources

Home education resources are designed to help your kids thrive in education while under quarantine. They can adapt and enjoy learning from home with the right schedule and resources. 

Overall, if you create a positive environment and cater to the kid's needs, homeschooling can be a lot of fun. You'll also find a ton of activities for your kids online to help them learn. 

If you have questions on strategies and what you can do to help your child succeed while learning at home, you can contact us here


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Home Education Resources: How to Keep Kids Learning in Quarantine