How to Get Along Better With Your Teenager: A Guide

How to Get Along Better With Your Teenager: A Guide

How to Get Along Better With Your Teenager: A Guide

Got a teenager in the house? Here's a guide on how to get along better with your teenager!

As a parent, you know raising teenagers isn't an easy task. Between the moodiness and erratic behavior, keeping a healthy relationship with your teen can be a challenge. After all, you were a teen once yourself. 

But there's good news for parents raising teenagers!

According to ACT for Youth, 82% of male and 76% of female teenagers claim to value their parents' opinions over their friends when it comes to making significant decisions.

How can parents form a strong bond with their teens and help them make those difficult choices? Let's explore how to get along better with your teenager.

Tips to Get Along Better With Your Teenager

Are you ready to improve the relationship between you and your teen? From putting yourself in your teen's shoes to remembering you are the parent, we've outlined helpful parenting tips for teenagers.

Put Yourself in Your Teen's Shoes

Before you worry about your teenager, remember you were that age once. Consider the emotions and stress you endured during your teen years. Use past experiences to better understand what your teenager is going through. The more empathy you show your teen, the stronger your bond will be.

Try making a list of what your life was like at your teen's age. If your teenager is 16, jot down what you did for fun at 16, who your friends were, and big events at school. When you understand what your child is dealing with, you can get along better with your teen and offer useful advice.

Familiarize Yourself With Their Culture

From the latest pop song to making Tik Tok videos, get in touch with what's important to your teen. You don't have to listen to Cardi B or create an Instagram, but learning about what your teenager enjoys helps you learn more about your child.

It may appear like your teen is glued to their phone, but your child could be building a steady Instagram following based on their passion for photography. Maybe the music your teen listens to isn't just noise. Instead, music is a way for your child to release stress, feel connected, and fuel their confidence.

Familiarizing yourself with your teenager's culture means there is more to talk about and allows you to be a more supportive parent.

Be an Active Listener

If your teen wants to talk, you need to listen. According to the Center for Parenting Education, active listening is the most important skill a parent can have. Active listening shows your teenager they are worthy of your attention.

Do not judge or jump to conclusions while your teen is explaining a situation. Parents don't have to agree with everything their teen says. But let your child finish their story and get everything off his or her chest. After your teen is finished talking, parents can offer words of advice and guidance. 

When parents demonstrate active listening, they teach their children active listening skills. Active listening makes your child a better communicator, friend, and teammate.

Remember You Are the Parent

Bonding with your teenager is important, but make sure your teen understands that you will always be their parent.

Parents can show empathy, give advice, and let their children make decisions. But there is a difference between being a friend and being a parent. It's essential for parents to have boundaries between themselves and their teenagers.

If not, discipline will become difficult. Sometimes you will need to be hard on your teen, and that will lead to arguments. But proper discipline teaches teenagers self-control, responsibility, and accountability.

Improving Family Relationships One Step at a Time

Parents must understand the perfect family cannot be formed overnight. Every day brings new challenges, especially when raising a teenager. But each new day is also an opportunity to get along better with your teenager. 

As a parent, remember your role in the family. Be an active listener, stay connected, and don't forget what it was like when you were a teenager. If you keep these in mind, you can form a stronger family bond.


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How to Get Along Better With Your Teenager: A Guide