How To Have Fun While Spending New Year's Eve With Kids

How To Have Fun While Spending New Year's Eve With Kids

How To Have Fun While Spending New Year's Eve With Kids

According to 24/7 Wall St., 50% of Americans spend New Year's Eve with their family.

That's because the biggest party of the year doesn't have to include a bar, it can be just as fun to celebrate with your kids.

If you are planning to ring in the new year with your children there are many fun activities to make the night special.

Use these helpful tips for a New Year's Eve with kids.

Special Dinner

Include a yummy meal on your list of things to do with kids on New Year's Eve. Have your kids pick a unique dish. Then go shopping for the ingredients during the day. Prepare the meal in the afternoon and have it ready before midnight.

Remember the Past Year

Reminisce with these New Year's Eve activities for families. You can get out photos from the year before and make a slide show. Add last year's hit song to flood the senses full of memories.

You can also watch home videos to see how much your kids have grown in the past year.

Sparkling Grape Juice Toast

A family fun New Year's Eve doesn't need to forgo the traditional toast to the year to come. Make it kid-friendly with sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne glasses.

DIY Noisemakers

Get ready for the new year by making your own noisemakers.

There are many DIY ideas online. One includes painting two paper plates then placing beans in between the plates as well as a wooden stick as a handle. Glue the plates together and add some glitter or the year on your shaker.

Time Capsules

Preserve your family's history by having a New Year's Eve kids time capsule. Get a box and decorate it to look futuristic.

Have you kids place items from the past like photos, favorite toys (that they don't mind parting with), school projects, and anything else they wish. Then seal it with duck tape or glue.

Leave it sealed for as long as you like. You can save it as a fun summer activity to reveal their once prized possessions.

Ball-drop Piñata

Kid New Year's Eve parties can include a ball-drop piñata filled with candy or small prizes. Let the kids take a wack at it each hour until a few minutes before midnight.

At the countdown to the ball-dropping let them hit the piñata until it breaks open. Hoping they can do it just in time to celebrate the new year with goodies.

Fashion Show

Make the night glamorous with these New Years' Eve ideas with kids. Gather a bunch of old dresses and suits either from your closet or buy some cheap clothes at a thrift store.

Then make a runway using a piece of red felt. Add some lingering holiday string lights along the walls and play some energetic music.

Get your kids and their friends to put on the outfits and walk down the runway for their very own fashion show. Take some photos to enjoy after the show.

New Year's Eve with Kids Alternative

If you have other plans but still want to spend New Year's Eve with kids you can celebrate on January 1st instead. Get a babysitter for the night and take a road trip the day after.

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How To Have Fun While Spending New Year's Eve With Kids