How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party Your Child Will Love

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party Your Child Will Love

States are starting to reopen but it's still safer to celebrate conscientiously. Keep your kids safe with a fun virtual birthday party. Here's how.

It's almost time for the big day; With presents, cake, and fun with friends, it only comes around once a year. Thanks to the coronavirus, your child's birthday may look a little different this year. However, this special day still calls for a special celebration.

While the bounce house and pool party may be on hold for a while, throwing a virtual birthday party is becoming the new normal. If you don't know where to begin, have no fear. This article will teach you how to throw a fun virtual birthday party guaranteed to make memories. 

Set Up a Zoom Call 

When throwing a virtual birthday party, you'll need to set up a Zoom call.

Zoom is a free video call app that can connect anyone with Wifi from anywhere in the world. With Zoom, you can create a password-protected chatroom for your child and their friends to see and talk to each other from quarantine. Your child will have fun seeing their friend's faces all on one screen. 

Before the day of the party, sign on to Zoom and create an event. You will be able to invite others through email and set a password for the chat room.

Be sure to discuss with parents beforehand to ensure that everyone has Wifi capabilities. Consider making invitations and mailing them before the day arrives. 

Pick a Theme 

A quarantine birthday is likely nothing your child has ever experienced before. When thinking of how to celebrate a birthday remotely, focus on the details. 

Pick a theme for your child's virtual birthday party like you would any other year. The theme might be Disney, superheroes, outer space, or anything else that your child enjoys. Decorate your home with on-theme items so that anyone in the video call can see and enjoy as well.  

Host a Movie Stream

After setting up a Zoom video chat, the possibilities for a fun virtual birthday party are endless. One option is to host a movie stream where all can watch and chat. 

Zoom makes it convenient to share your computer screen with others. If your child loves movies, download or rent the movie online and share your screen with one click. This way, all the members in the video chat can see the movie at the same time. 

Consider sending out goodie bags with popcorn, candies, or cupcakes beforehand. 

Host a Virtual Art Class

If you've got an artistic child, they may enjoy making art with their friends online. On a list of things to do inside, taking a virtual art class can is likely to keep your child entertained. 

Luckily, sites like YouTube have free "paint with me" videos that are fun for kids and parents alike. Your child will enjoy seeing their friends' creations, and all will have a keepsake to remember this unique birthday. 

Don't Forget About Traditions

Although this birthday is unlike any other, don't forget about the special traditions. During a virtual birthday party, no matter the theme or activity, be sure that everyone sings "happy birthday" and has at least one slice of cake. The traditional details will help make this virtual birthday party seem a little more normal. 

Plan a Virtual Birthday Party Today

It's understandable that a virtual birthday party might not seem ideal. However, following these tips will ensure that the day is memorable for years to come. 


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How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party Your Child Will Love