How to Use Love Languages to Connect with Your Child

How to Use Love Languages to Connect with Your Child

Struggling to bond with your kids? Uncertain of the best way to connect with them and keep your relationship strong?

A shocking one-third of all new mothers experience the same struggle but there are ways to power through this. If you want to stay connected with your child, you need to start practicing love languages for kids. It strengthens your bond and helps you convey your love to your kids.

Read on and learn more love languages for your children’s sake:

Love Languages for Kids

There are five love languages for kids—gifts, physical touch, quality time, service, and words of affirmation. Here are some ways you’ll know what appeals to them the most:

1. Take a Test

There are a lot of online tests that can aid in determining your child’s preferred love language. The best part is that they’re free and easy to answer. It’s a test intended for your children ages 9 and up, but you can answer it on their stead, based on what they’re most likely to pick as answers.

2. Try Each Love Language

Internalize the above mentioned love languages and learn how to apply them. Once you get the gist, you can start trying each of these on your child on a long time period. Take careful note about how your child reacts to each.

3. Observe Your Child’s Behavior

Children learn a crude concept of love as early as 3-4 years old. Studies prove that children believe that when someone makes you angry, you don’t love them. It doesn’t matter whether the person is their parents or neighbors.

That’s why it’s important to pay a lot of attention to their means of displaying affection towards you. Check how they do the same towards other children, family members, and even their toys. Knowing these behaviors can help in revealing their primary love language.

Reminders When Exploring Different Love Languages

Exploring different love languages can be rewarding. But you need to remember some things to ensure that you become fluent in your child’s. Here are some:

1. It’s an Art, Not a Science

You’re dealing with emotions, not mathematical formulas. It’s not like forgetting to leave a will where documentation becomes the most important aspect. Make sure to prepare some adjustments on how you show your affection towards your child.

2. Dabble in All Five Languages

It applies regardless of what love language your child responds the most. You should still spend other types of quality time even when their love language is service, for example.

3. Know Your Own Love Language

To best show and receive love, use the tips above. This helps in determining the type of love language you do best.

Learn Love Languages for Kids Today!

It’s a rewarding task to understand your child’s love language. Love languages for kids benefits both you and your child in the long run. That’s why you should use these tips and get started as soon as possible.

Your best gift to your child is life insurance. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

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How to Use Love Languages to Connect with Your Child