Meet Partner Nick Cerone

Nick Cerone is a Business Development Manager at Give Your Kid a Million. His extensive business experience spans thirty years of marketing and sales within the insurance and financial services industries. Nick is a licensed insurance agent and in the past has owned an independent P&C business. He holds an MBA from DePaul University with an emphasis in Marketing. Nick is active in his community and serves as an Alderman in Batavia, IL.

What led you to get involved with Give Your Kid a Million?

Mike shared his vision of a unified national brand for independent agents, along with the name, and it sparked my passion for marketing, my belief in life insurance and the benefits of what we can do to help independent agents and their clients. Mike and I had a marketing business together years ago, and I knew we should work together again to achieve this vision because I believe in what we can accomplish.

What value do you think Give Your Kid a Million adds to independent insurance agents?

Obviously, we provide a service that agencies need. Digital marketing, content, and marketing automation are a piece of the puzzle that every agent wants and needs, but it is so hard for them to do without help.

Having worked as an independent agent, I felt that pain personally. I know the commitment that it takes to be a good agent. It’s very difficult to be a good marketer at the same time; particularly with digital. It’s a time commitment that agents simply can’t make without sacrificing other areas  of the business.

Give Your Kid a Million allows agents to better serve their existing clients, to get new clients and cross-sell their existing base, which helps with retention. That is the value we offer.

What do you see as future growth for Give Your Kid a Million?

The bottom line is that we know that when we grow business for our clients, we will grow with them. We are interested in growth of course, but we’re not interested in growth for growth’s sake. We’re strategic about it and we’re strategic about choosing our partners because in the end, it’s about partnering with the right agencies. Our brand is about preserving a legacy for families, so it’s imperative that our agencies have certain qualities that represent us well.

What qualities are important to the brand?

Our agencies have to have character, and need to have some existing longevity. They’ve got to be active in their communities, and they have to do right by their customers. Community is very important to me personally, which is why I serve as an Alderman in my own community. Our reputation at Give Your Kid a Million rests on our partner agencies and ensuring that we are helping them protect the families in their communities from the worst possible risk.  

What is the value that Give Your Kid a Million brings to its partner agencies?

Well, the ideal agent understands the value when they hear the name because the benefit is inherent in the name. This is not just a platform for lead generation. It’s about making sure families are covered and families can survive when the worst happens.

They understand that technology is changing how we face consumers and that technology alone isn’t the answer. It’s a tool. We still need a trained expert to handle the sale and manage the tool. If Give Your Kid a Million can provide the technology expertise and the automation, then hand off the sales to the caring agent, then everybody wins.

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Meet Partner Nick Cerone