Meet Nick Makropoulos

Nick Makropoulos, Regional Sales Manager, began his career in life insurance and financial services in 1990. Since then, he has sold thousands of policies and has been a top sales performer at every organization he’s joined. He’s mentored new agents and won many awards. Nick is eager to help independent property and casualty agents sell more life insurance through the Give Your Kid a Million network.

How has insurance changed since you started selling?

Probably what I’ve noticed the most is that consumers are more educated about their options. Many of them do research online and have a better understanding of what they need. Now they may ask for a type of product by name instead of asking the agent what they need. In the past, the agent had to do a lot more education.

How the industry hasn’t changed is that the agents are providing valuable information to their clients and offer in-depth knowledge about what’s available based on their client’s unique needs and stage of life.

Why did you decide to join the Give Your Kid a Million team?

I saw what Mike was doing. We worked together at an insurer for years, right next to each other, every day. He’s always been a visionary and when he told me what he was doing, I wanted to join him on the journey. I believe in him and I believe in the company. There is a great need out there to help agents, particularly independent agents, get the word out digitally and consistently about what they do and raise awareness about the necessity of life insurance.

What do you like most about selling the Give Your Kid a Million platform?
There is so much that I love about it. I love working with the agents, first of all. They’re great. It’s like they get the concept, almost instantly, and they understand the need for what we’re trying to do. We are here to help them. They’re saying “You do all this for us?” and they love it that we’re giving them turnkey programs and software, and they can sell more life insurance without having to become experts in digital marketing. Or any marketing. Selling is hard enough and life insurance can be very profitable. They don’t have to jump through hoops to send out email blasts anymore, and they don’t have to think of content for their social media. We take care of it, and it’s creative, good stuff. They can focus on sales. They love every part of it.

What would you like your customers to know?

We’re really here for them, and our vision is to create a nationwide brand that will open conversations with their own customers. The captives and the direct companies are out there with huge name recognition. Now the independent agents can get some visibility too, without having to hire a team of web developers, ad agencies, PR flacks and marketing consultants. Our team is at their disposal and we do it for them, for a very low subscription price. It’s all very transparent and in my opinion, everyone wins.

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Meet Nick Makropoulos