Preventing the Summer Slide: Summer Tips and Learning Activities for Kids

Preventing the Summer Slide: Summer Tips and Learning Activities for Kids

Preventing the Summer Slide: Tips and Learning Activities for Kids

Summer is here and kids are eager to spend their days having fun and going on adventures.

As you try to figure out how you will cope with the stress associated with kids’ summer break, don’t forget that kids who neglect their school work are at risk of regressing 2-3 months of reading level.

Here are some learning activities for kids that you can consider to prevent the summer slide.

Take Them on Field Trips

When you are taking your kids for summer field trips, don’t just go to the usual spots.

Look for places that will help them in their academic work. Think of it as a sort of visual aid, for example, factory tours will help them see how certain things are made.

A trip to the county fairs, animal sanctuaries, and planetariums can be fun learning activities.

Get to know some of the things they learned about in school and look for places that are associated with particular topics. This will help them get first-hand information but also remember the places they visited.

Create Time for Reading

Make sure they spend at least thirty minutes to an hour in a day to read a book. You can help them pick out a book that will captivate their interest.

You can add a twist to it by setting up a goal and a prize. For every number of goals achieved, they will get a particular prize.

The goals can include reading a certain number of pages, spending the specified number of minutes reading or when they finish reading the book.

For the younger ones, you can set up a fun game like a treasure hunt and they can read out loud each word found.

After the treasure hunt is done you can give them a prize. If your child is too young to read on their own you can help them by reading to them out loud. This will also help you improve your child’s imagination and creative writing.

Mind-Challenging Games as Part of the Learning Activities for Kids

Engaging your kids in games that will help them concentrate and think both outside and inside the box can be both fun and educative.

Chess is a highly recommended game if you want to help your kids with critical thinking. If you don’t how to play it, you can all learn how to play it through tutorials available on the internet.

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Work on Challenging Topics and Subjects

You can take time to help out your kids improve on subjects they find challenging.

If mathematics proved to be a challenge the previous year, you could incorporate math problems in your day to day activities and have them solve the problems.

You could visit historical places and museums and have them revisit what they learned.

There are also various materials you can get from the book stores that will help them improve like fun learning games for kids, chemistry sets, and more.

Make Learning Fun for Kids

Kids can easily get distracted, especially if they get bored. Make sure to make learning as fun as possible for your kids to avoid losing their attention. Get their friends involved in the learning process so that they won’t feel left out. You can also reward kids that show improvement in their academics.

Remember that summer learning activities for kids don't have to be school-based. Everyday fun summer activities done at home can be used in the learning process.

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Preventing the Summer Slide: Summer Tips and Learning Activities for Kids