Rainy Day Fun: 4 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Fun: 4 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Kids

According to the BBC, children spend more than 6 hours a day. It can be longer on a rainy day, and you have to consider other indoor activities for kids rather than television. You can do better to save them from screen addiction by incorporating other forms of action in the house.

This article takes you through some of these activities that will keep your kids busy and motivated as well. Read on!

1. Reading Books

How about keeping your kids engrossed in reading? This is a brilliant idea given the many benefits it comes with. Instead of spending hours watching or playing games, cuddle them and choose an ideal novel series like Harry Potter.

Find all sorts of adventurous books there can be. To keep them sufficiently motivated, read with them, and they’ll follow suit. Books are readily available, and there isn’t need of spending any much.

By making them read, you’ll be opening their minds and enhancing creativity. A rainy day is a flawless time to instill a reading culture into your kids. With the right materials, it’s no doubt that your kids will make excellent readers.

2. Make a Meal Together

There is a lot in cooking with kids than that meets the eye. With the outdoors a no-go zone, cooking together is one of the most amazing indoor activities for kids. It’s a way of instilling some sense of responsibility and teamwork.

Even cooler, it a survival skill and they won’t starve with food in the house. Teach them how to chop, measure, cut, and scoop- you’ll be having a great time with your assistant chiefs.

You can contemplate stocking your kitchen with child-friendly cookware. You can supplement with cookbooks to inspire unique menu ideas.

3. Play Hide and Seek

Instead of video games and cartoons, there is a better, old-school game that never gets old. Almost everyone has had played hide and seek someday in life- and it was nerve-stimulating! This is one of the most indulging indoor games that kids can play and keep off the boredom.

Hide and seek creates a sort of adrenaline rush. It makes your kids want more of it since it’s very addictive. It’s the best breakaway from the toxic digital life.

Since many modern-day kids don’t know much about hide-and-seek, introduce it, and they’ll enjoy it. Since it’s indoors, there isn’t much to worry about- it’s safe and secure.

4. Solve Puzzles

Looking for a way to make kids creative and thinking beyond the box? Puzzles and crosswords are some nice stuff to keep kids busy while indoors. They’ll probably learn how to solve live puzzles.

Teach them on how it’s done, and they’ll forever do it. A puzzle book is all you need to get started. To make it more amusing, play as a game to see who wins.

Choosing the Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Selecting the above indoor activities for kids will make them rejuvenated, motivated, and stress-free without gazing the screens. For more tips like these, visit our blog. Find out why insurance agencies are becoming Give a Kid a Million partners every day!

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Rainy Day Fun: 4 Screen-Free Indoor Activities for Kids