Swimming Safe: 5 Top Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Swimming Safe: 5 Top Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Swimming Safe: 5 Top Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Summer is in full swing, and as much as your kids may love swimming, it comes it its risks. Keep them to a minimum with these important pool safety tips.

In the United States, 350 children five and younger drown in pools each year.

Sadly, this statistic is too high. If you plan on spending some times in the pool with your children this summer, it's important you take the right precautions to ensure their safety.

Read on to learn about these 7 pool safety tips.

1. Teach Your Children How to Swim

Knowing how to swim will not make the pool a more fun experience for children but it can also save their life. If you plan on spending time at the pool with your children this summer, it's important you teach them how to swim.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, starting at the age of one, children can begin swimming lessons. At this age, swimming lessons are more about teaching a good relationship with the water and get them ready for great swimming skills later on.

2. Children Should Never be Unnatended

When a child drowns, it often doesn't give much warning. It can happen in as little as 10 seconds, so it's extremely important you don't leave your children unattended in the pool.

It's important there's an adult paying watching children at the pool at all times. If you're attending a cookout or pool party, it's important someone is watching the children at all times.

3. Inspect the Drains and Teach Your Children to Stay Away

Pool drains are a great hazard for children in the pool. If their bathing suit, hair or limb gets stuck, it can cause great harm to a child. The drains can cause drowning or other physical harm to children.

Teach your children to always stay away from these drains.

4. Install Pool Fences and Covers

Ensure children don't have easy access to the pool by installing a self-locking fence. To ensure children can't easily climb it, pools need to be about 5 feet tall, but you can always check your local building laws.

It's important you also install an alarm on the door, so it alerts you if a little one has crossed to the pool area.

5. Take a CPR Class

When it comes to saving a child's life, you can never be too careful. If you have small children, it's so important you take a CPR class, especially if they're going to be around the pool.

You can take a CPR class to ensure their safety at your local hospital, community center, or by asking your doctor.

6. Limit the Number of Pool Floaties

Although inflatables are a lot of fun, they can also present a hazard in the pool. If you have too many floaties, it can limit your view of what is happening in the pool.

Ensure the number of inflatables doesn't block the view in the pool.

Pool Safety Tips: The Bottom Line

If you plan on spending time in the pool with your family this year, it's important you take the necessary steps to keep them safe in the pool. Remember these safety tips — start to teach them how to swim, never leave them unattended, and keep the pool area off limits.

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Swimming Safe: 5 Top Pool Safety Tips for Parents