The 4 Distinct Parenting Styles: Which One are You?

The 4 Distinct Parenting Styles: Which One are You?

The 4 Distinct Parenting Styles: Which One are You?

Did you know that parents spend around 37 hours each week worrying about their children? If anyone ever tries to convince you that parenting isn't a full-time job, then that study conducted by Lice Clinics of America proves them wrong.

Every child is different, which means raising them will come with unique problems and joys. Although kids may be challenging to predict, did you know that most parents can be categorized into 4 parenting styles?

Do you want to know which type of parent you are? Keep reading to learn about the 4 different types of parenting. This list will start with the most involved parents and work down to the least involved.

1. The Most Hands-On Type of Parenting: Authoritarian

Authoritarian parents believe that everything is black and white with little to no grey area. They set strict rules and dole out serious punishments if their kids disobey. Out of all parenting styles, authoritarians have the highest expectations for their children.

Although authoritarian parents are great at raising well-behaved kids, it's common for the children to blindly follow their parent's lead. The most common form of communication is parent to child. If a child doesn't understand a rule, it's unlikely that they'll get an explanation as to why they should behave a certain way.

2. Authoritative

Authoritative parents take a step back from being authoritarian by listening to their children more. Although they are firm, negotiation is on the table. This type of parent wants their child to be independent yet cooperative, which is why communication is so important in their relationship.

When looking at all 4 parenting styles, psychology deems authoritative parents as a happy medium. The reason why is because this parenting style has a good balance of nurture and discipline.

3. Permissive

Permissive parents have big hearts and hate to disappoint their kids. Although their intentions are pure, their fear of confrontation can lead to trouble. Children raised by permissive parents are more likely to view them as a friend instead of a guardian.

On the other hand, these children also tend to be the most creative. Since permissive parents allow their children to express themselves freely, they're able to explore their talents and discover their self-worth.

4. The Most Laid-Back Parenting Style: Uninvolved

Uninvolved parents tend to let their kids fend for themselves and figure out how to fit into society. Although these parents grant their children the most freedom, their behavior can be borderline neglectful.

Uninvolved parents don't have the strongest relationships with their children. Many uninvolved parents may be too busy to be present or they simply aren't interested in taking on the responsibilities of parenting.

Parents Know Their Own Kids Best

Now that you know about the different types of parenting, you can try to take the best aspects of each style to become the ultimate parent.

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The 4 Distinct Parenting Styles: Which One are You?