Ultimate Checklist to Keep Children Safe in Summertime Heat: Summer Safety for Kids

Ultimate Checklist to Keep Children Safe in Summertime Heat: Summer Safety for Kids

Ultimate Checklist to Keep Children Safe in Summertime Heat: Summer Safety for Kids

Checklist to Keep Children Safe: Summer Safety for Kids

Summer heat should always be taken seriously. Keep the little ones safe even in the hottest weather with this checklist on summer safety for kids.


Making sure that your kids are hydrated is the number one summer safety tip for parents. Risk of dehydration increases as temperature increases.

The amount of water to be drunk depends on age, activity level, and weight. Encourage your kids to be hydrated during summer.

Protection against the Summer Sun

Protecting your kids against the summer sun as one of the safety tips for kids goes beyond sunscreen. Here are some few summer safety tips for parents to ensure healthy children.

Using Sunscreen

It is important to apply sunscreen to your kids every 30 minutes. Even when it is cloudy, remember to apply sunscreen.

As a summer safety tip, make sure you use sunscreen that contains UVA-UVB. Do not underestimate the amount of sunscreen to use, and remember to reapply after coming out of the water.

Sun-Protective Clothing

Summer safety tips for your kid includes making sure they are in protective clothes. Dress your kids in tightly-woven cotton clothing or clothes that have SPF built in.


Make sure you protect your child’s eyes. Make sure you pick shades that protect between 99-100% of UVB and UVA rays.

Avoiding Bugs

Bugs increase in number during summer. Apart from being annoying, they can transmit diseases. As a parent, make sure to avoid repellents and insecticides that are toxic or fatal if swallowed. Check out some safe insect repellent for children.

As a summer safety tip for parents, make sure your child is in long sleeve tops and long pants. Avoid stagnant water around the house. As a summer safety tip for kids, avoid using scented perfumes or soaps.

Food Safety

Your kids will spend a lot of time eating. As a summertime tip for parents, teach your children about food safety. This includes how to detect whether food may cause food poisoning. Emphasize the importance of washing their hands before and after meals.

Preventing Drowning

It has been reported that many kids die between May and August. More than 830 children who are 14 years and below experience accidental drowning.

It is important as parents to put into consideration these summertime safety tips:

Restrict Movement Around The Pool

This can be done by putting alarms and locks when you are absent.

Always Supervise the Kids

Even when your child seems confident and capable, stick around just in case. Understand that drowning and other accidents can happen silently. Don't be caught off guard.

Summer Safety for Kids

Summer safety for kids is vital for any parent or caregiver. It is important to have these tips mastered in order to make sure the kids are safe at all times.

As a parent, learn the basic first aids procedure such as CPR. The simple tips you may learn could be all you need to save a life.

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Ultimate Checklist to Keep Children Safe in Summertime Heat: Summer Safety for Kids