Winning the Cross-Sell Game

It has often been said that a jack of all trades is a master of none. But in today's fast-moving online world, consumers have a myriad of information available literally at their fingertips. This has dramatically changed the way that products and services are marketed - including insurance.

While focusing on just one area of coverage such as property and casualty can allow you to be an expert in that particular field, as well as proficient at marketing, by not also focusing on other products like life insurance, it can actually become detrimental to your income, and ultimately to your overall business model.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table
Although your core business may be in the auto, home, and / or business insurance arena, the truth is that many, if not most, of your clients also need life insurance coverage. But if they aren't buying it from you, then it is likely that you're leaving money on the table.

How so?

By allowing these possible sales to walk out your door and directly into someone else's. And, in doing so, not only are you missing out on additional income opportunities from these potential sales, but you're also running the risk that, if your client purchases life insurance from another agent, there is a high possibility that they could also eventually move their P&C coverage over to that other agent, too!

One way to avoid this situation, though, is to offer life insurance in your product arsenal. In the past, many property and casualty insurance professionals avoided discussing life insurance coverage with their clients and prospects, primarily due to the time and technology issues that it entailed.

But by having access to an already established platform that leverages centralized marketing, you can more easily provide the life insurance coverage that is needed by your existing clients and prospects in a protected territory that you essentially own.

How to Expand Your Agency Without Having to Expand Your Budget or Your Learning Curve

Today, consumers are shifting the way in which they buy products and services. This includes all lines of insurance coverage. By partnering with Give Your Kid a Million (, your agency has full access to a turnkey life insurance marketing platform without having to start from scratch.

Through this platform, not only will you have access to a managed website that's optimized to drive sales, Give Your Kid a Million provides you with digital marketing that includes email and social media marketing with all of the content included.

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Winning the Cross-Sell Game