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Insurance agencies come in two types, captive and independent. The difference is that a captive agency represents only one insurance company, and an independent agency represents more than one insurance company. We're independent because it helps us better serve your insurance needs. We match you with the right company and the right policy. 


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We work for you 
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Give Your Kid a Million

Give Your Kid a Million partners with local, independent insurance agencies like ours to make it easy for you to buy life insurance. Agency partners of Give Your Kid a Million work with great companies like these:


How much life insurance do you need?

As a general rule, you need 8-12 times your annual income in life insurance. Try our needs calculator below to get a better idea about what's right for you.


Term life or whole life?

There are only two types of life insurance, whole life (sometimes called permanent insurance) and term life insurance with variations of each.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is coverage you buy for a specific time period, such as 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years. It's an affordable, practical solution for families with children at home.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is meant to be in effect for life. Traditional whole life insurance provides lifetime coverage and accumulates cash value over time.

Life insurance
is for the living.

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How Does Your Driving Record Affect Life Insurance?

Securing life insurance is one of the most important purchases to make. No one enjoys talking about the unexpected, especially something as difficult as your own death. But it’s important to set up security for family members or dependents so that in case of an accident, you can still take care of your family.

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